Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:


Example #1:

A local youth soccer league in Lancaster, California is planning an end-of-season tournament and wants to arrange transportation for all the teams coming from out of town. There are 8 teams total, with 15 players each, so they decide to book two 56-passenger charter buses to shuttle the teams between their hotel, the soccer fields, and a celebratory dinner after. They book the buses for 10 hours each on a Saturday in June. The total cost for the two charter bus rentals comes out to $3,500. This covers pickup from the hotel at 8 AM, transportation to and from the fields all day, and a trip to a local restaurant for dinner at 6 PM before returning everyone to the hotel by 8 PM. The youth soccer league in Lancaster is happy to provide safe, comfortable transportation for all the players and coaches during their tournament in the city.


Example #2

A group of friends is planning a bachelor party in Lancaster, CA. They want to rent a party bus to take them around to different bars and clubs for a night out. For a Saturday night in peak season, they get a quote for a 20 passenger party bus rental for 10 hours from 8pm to 6am. The base rate for the rental is $140 per hour plus fees and taxes. With the 10 hour rental, their total comes out to $1,680. They also decide to add a 15% tip for their team at the end of the night, so their grand total for the bachelor party bus rental is $1,932. The group splits it evenly between the 14 guys attending, so each person pays around $138 for a safe, fun night out in Lancaster, CA.


Example #3:

A local youth group in Lancaster, California is planning their annual summer trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. They have 45 teenagers and chaperones signed up to attend. To make travel easy, they decide to book a charter bus rental for the day. They choose a 56 passenger coach bus so there is room for everyone. For the roundtrip ride from Lancaster to Valencia, California, their total quote is $1,750. This covers pickup in the morning with stops at fast food places along the way for lunch. It also includes dropoff and pickup at Six Flags for a full day of fun. At the end of the day, the bus takes them back to Lancaster by dinnertime. The youth group leaders add an extra 10% tip for their team, making their total bus rental cost $1,925. With 45 passengers splitting the cost, it comes out to just $43 per person. This makes travel easy and affordable for their annual summer trip.


Example #4:

A group of coworkers from a tech startup in Lancaster, California plan a team outing to Disneyland for the day. With a group of 30 people, they decide to rent a charter bus for convenience and to avoid coordinating multiple vehicles. For a Saturday in July, they are quoted $1,800 to rent a 30 passenger charter bus for the day. This covers pickup from their Lancaster office at 8am, dropping the group off at Disneyland for the full day, and return transportation back to the office by 8pm. With the 80 mile roundtrip distance, the cost per person works out to be $60. The startup rents the charter bus to simplify logistics and ensure the whole team can travel together. They end up having a fantastic company trip making memories at the Happiest Place on Earth.


Example #5:

A group of 10 friends from Lancaster, California plan a day trip to Magic Mountain for a fun summer outing. They decide to rent a 20 passenger party bus so they can all travel together and have a designated team for the day. The total roundtrip distance from Lancaster to Magic Mountain is 80 miles. They rent the party bus for 12 hours to give them flexibility. Based on a rate of $150 per hour, their total rental cost comes out to $1,800. They also choose to pay a little extra for onboard entertainment features like a sound system and neon lights to liven up the ride. The all-inclusive price of their Lancaster party bus rental for the day, including the base rate plus entertainment upgrades, comes out to a total of $2,000. They have a fantastic day at Magic Mountain and generously tip their team 15% for excellent service.

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